Growing your business through competitive tendering.

Are you a small or medium sized business?

Do you know if you can sell your products / services to the public sector through competitive tendering?


The public sector buys millions of pounds of goods and services from businesses through competitive tendering, if you do not sell your products/services through competitive tendering you could be missing a business opportunity.


Today both public and private sector organisations are seeking value for money by procuring goods and services through competitive tenders. If businesses are to succeed in this competitive market they must be able to bid to win and do so consistently. Company size neither guarantees nor precludes success. Winning is the ability to engage with the customer and develop a proposal that fits their culture, needs and requirements. I offer organisations a range of services to improve, manage and support your bid process and hence win work through competitive tendering.


I offer a unique consultancy service where I provide expertise to take you through all of the stages of bidding and winning competitive tenders. I can be called upon to manage the end to end bid process. Or work with your existing sales team and plan and manage the bid. I can support the bid through the various stages of identification, qualification, initiation, development and presentation. Including bid structuring and writing, cost estimating, risk mitigation and document production.


Please contact me at home@robertcunliffe.co.uk for a free consultation and appraisal.